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stablished in 2006, Protofos Media is committed to providing expressive writing and photography that is creative and effective. With clients throughout New Zealand and the world, Protofos Media has a breadth of experience in a number of photographic and written genres, audiences and styles. Please contact Protofos Media for more information.

Nicholas Allen


hotographer and writer specialising in communications and media management, Nicholas Allen is based in Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand. Founder of Protofos Media.

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Nicholas Allen - Protofos Media


We have used Nicholas Allen’s photos for a product line we manufacture in the United States. Nick’s work is of the highest quality, with an obvious talent for capturing something magical from behind a lens. He has been efficient and reliable throughout the entire creative process. Thank you for your beautiful work!Jodie Panapa - Kindred Hearts
Nick has done some great work for me. He seems to be able to ‘get into my head’, to see things from my perspective, and so is able to communicate what I thinking exceptionally well. He has written a large variety of presentations, documents, and technical papers for me, and has created graphics of many kinds, all with his natural, characteristic flare.Peter Allen - Business Torque Systems
We are so thankful that Nick Allen took our engagement photos. He has keen eye for creative poses that brilliantly utilize the available lighting and result in quality professional photographs. He was a joy to work with as well, and I recommend him to you for any photography needs that you may have.Matthew and Fleur Weathers